Experimental Vapor Research Facility

Our field staff work tirelessly, traveling the cosmos searching for non-Terran materials to provide our Vapor Engineers with unique ingredients.
Locked deep within the confines of our secret Experimental Vapor Research Facility, our human Vapor Engineers are collaborating with Visitors to produce new vapor juices for you that are literally "out of this world."



Starter Kits
Starter Kits

  • E-Cigarette Kits
  • Batteries
  • Tanks
  • APV Batteries
  • High Quality E-Liquid
  • Variable Voltage Devices
  • Accessories, Chargers, and More


Voted #1 Vapor Shop on Earth by the Galactic Travelers Digest

“Knowledgeable staff, exceptional service, and awesome e-liquids…those humans really surprised us” -Galactic Travelers Digest 34,532,356th edition

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